Lost everything!

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash |
Region: France

Crash the PS4 during the game, and returning, the icing on the cake: everything had disappeared. constructions and NPCs.

There it was the drop of water.

they dont care nor will they replace anything better off just starting over like i did

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Personally, being almost level 50, I don’t feel too much to start the game again …

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I was lvl 60 had way too many bases (although I am a terrible architect). lol I began thinking the game was lagging due to all my ADHD playing. I had the silent armor, kingslayer polearm, 2 map rooms working on a 3rd… I hate all the walking around. Great game but again, what is the point of logging on if it is just going to throughout my stuff I spent all my teacher summer break working on.

even if you visit all your bases they can still random decay i have 6 now on one server visit each daily but im sure ill lose at least 1 again

I noticed in the last week even before the last patch that I would go to a base that I wasn’t using much and random thralls would have about 20% health but not all of them. So strange.

For me, no more worries like this since I have nothing.

you can teleport on the map in single player, why torture yourself in single player lol. I even make it so I wont drop stuffs on death. :smiley: but it’s your choice though.

But I think that really is the problem with Conan Exile, all the walking around everywhere gets old fast, we need mount that can travel across the map real fast, so getting materials or even transporting thrall isnt a problem anymore. Even maproom wont help much because we still have to walk to go back home.

I was thinking the map and obelisks to be two-way teleportation; once we teleport TO an obelisk, we should be able to teleport back to the map room FROM the obelisk. I do play in single player, but teleporting with admin panel is also killing the game.

For instance today I worked like hell to craft a large water well, and guess what… I set it down a little askew… and my OCD kicked right in, and demolished it. I couldn’t really be bothered to craft it legitimately once more, so I spawned it. But I don’t want to do that all the time, or the game will lose its character.

To get back to our discussion… it would be nice to use the obelisks to get back to the map room as well, if possible.

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Agree, that’s why I left my Single Player and play online now.

The thing is once we pointed ourself as admin in single player, the game blatantly tempts us to cheat by putting a message on the map window that we can ctrl right click to teleport anywhere. Why they have to do that :frowning: I can’t just ignore that after walking so far so I use it everytime. They really ruin my single player game, I know its about self control but come on, I can just press M and ctrl click , they shouldnt shove the cheat on our face like that.

We should be able to adjust single player setting without enabling ‘cheat’. even though the setting itself can be used to ‘cheat’, but you know what I mean.

I know, it’s a matter of resisting the temptation. At heart, I am a single player kind-of-player, and I enjoy this game alone very much, to be honest. And the fact that I can play the game alone is a huge bonus for me, especially in the light of what’s going on online, on PVP or PVE-C servers. I always hated the PVP side of any game, since being a single player minded person I see no use in that.

So before I bought the game I convinced two of my friends to get it (they have left the game because of the lag and glitches) and first we played co-op but tethering was pretty obvious and then we moved to a private PVE server. Apart from the horrible lag, online was good. But that lag pushed me to play single player in offline mode. I admit that in single player, the temptation to cheat is sometimes high, especially with the world bosses being buffed now the way they are. But I just carry thralls with me, use the back ups when they go down, use palisades and I usually can do it. Most of the world bosses I can kill, there are some which are painful but I avoid those.

I like moving away on foot, the art team did a pretty good job, and I imagine myself being really on my own, just like in reality probably, everyone wants to kill you, and no one is your friend; we’re in a hostile land, exiled, and nothing is easy. So playing solo suits my style, and after all the lag and the glitches aren’t THAT bad as online seems to be right now.

So here I am, ready to have my own online server IF and WHEN most of the glitches and bugs will be fixed. Until then, single player is the way to go for me :smile:

Get some map rooms and place them near each obelisk.

There’s no need for mounts in this game as the map really isn’t all that big.

No we need mounts so there is no need to place map rooms near each obelisk.

Even though the map isn’t that big, it can still take 10-15 minutes from one point to another far point, and thats not even end to end. 20-30 minutes back and forth without playing anything just going through the distance kinda a clear sign that the game needs mounts, and need it or not it’s going to come anyway.

Good luck with that… the article was written back in March 2017. I think we have bigger problems now than taming camels. Or horses. The game loads very slowly even when we go on foot, try to imagine that while riding a horse…

Yea they did mention a technical problem with the way the game loads/stream the game world to implement mounts, they have problem with it if allowing player to move at certain speed.

So if the mount problem is still not sorted out, that means the pet system that is about to come is literally pet, not including mounts.