Where is all my stuff?

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Region: [us] Server 3517 --PS4

I just logged on and my inventory is empty and my character is naked meaning he doesn’t have the armor that he had on when I logged out yesterday. No food, no tools, no weapons. What on earth? He was not in the base that I was in when I logged out but instead was at the base with my bedroll. I traveled to the base I logged out in and everything is intact so what gives?!?

He’s also floating up and down stairs and the game is really laggy. I’m tired of this crap. If its not one thing its another. Purges rarely happen while I’m online and I’m tired of rebuilding parts of my structures that just magic themselves gone. Its always something missing that’s pretty insignificant but still this crap gets old. COmbine that with the stupid ruin system that I cant figure out and I really see no reason to keep playing. I mean god forbid I take a vacation and am out of town for a week. This is exactly why I won’t purchase any of the DLC.

I am tired of crafting things over again when I did nothing to lose it. When and if I die, I don’t even get the satisfaction of watching my toon die. It always lags out and glitches to the spawn menu and then it doesn’t even give me time to choose where I want to spawn.

This is a great idea for a game but the game itself is pretty bad. The fighting is terrible. 20% of the time I strike my target and the target doesn’t register that it was even hit. Then I’m on a PvE server and theres a group of punks that build just to block access to certain areas for everyone else. I’ve reported these guys but nothing has been done about it. That is very shortsighted on the part of the developers in my opinion.

I just leveled up to 60 yesterday and I log in this evening to find that my inventory is wiped out. I’m sorry that I put so many hours of my life into playing Conan Exiles because it just robs me of all that I work for. The only real satisfaction that I get from playing is the fact that its a good creative outlet. But I can get that from GTA or Minecraft for that matter. I’m really close to trading this game in for ARK since it is out on consoles now. I seriously doubt that I’ll bother buying another game from this studio.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.what does reproduce this issue even mean? I don’t ever want this issue to be reproduced. terrible


Complete agreement & parallel BS. Logged off last night in my base (on the bed no less) then logged in to find myself naked with all steel tweaked tools & Kambujan armor fkn GONE! But my thrall body guard is standing where he is usually & there is no dead body marker. Like WTF!?! :flushed: Funcom. This is complete & utter bullfeces. I’m on PvsE official 3071 but feeling like the only sane thing to do is play co-op solo & admin settings to keep all the crap you so laboriously crafted or start over on server with those settings.
Oh yeah, the exact same things happened about 3 days ago. Absolutely ridiculous annoyance.

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They have changed things so that furnaces and such make you hot. This happened to me and I was somewhat close to our furnaces when I logged. I finally figured out that I died from overheating. Just make sure you log out away from heat sources.
On a good note, this means that campfires are more suitable for surviving the cold areas.

Thank you, I’ll investigate that possibility as my forge is under my bedroom

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