Items lost official 2115 europe pvp

Game mode: Online
Problem: [Bug]
While was mining brimstone in the west desert the game sent me to the xbox interface and close itself, after reloading I respawned in the initial desert zone without anything… I lost everything. Any help with this issue?

I assume you’re on Xbox, right? Seems most everyone has had an issue with losing items since the game’s launch. I’ve lost all my item wheel contents and my armor 6 times already. Plus, the last 3 times I died I was unable to find my dead body on the ground where it should have been, just a shadow, and couldn’t retrieve my stuff. Very frustrating.

The other problem is getting somebody from Funcom to respond with anything constructive on this forum. If you read through the Xbox forum you’re on now you’ll see you’re not alone.

I play offline, single player, on Xbox One X, for comparison purposes.

Platform: XBOX
Online (Private Server and Official Servers)

There are many threads about losing items. I also have lost items both in personal inventory and stored in boxes. Heck the entire box disappeared multiple times.

In regards to Funcom, they are working on a lot of fixes and even if they do not directly respond the threads are being read by Funcom.

I watch the Dev Streams and some fixes take longer to fix (or even replicate) than others. Believe me I know it is frustrating, but the best thing we can do is try to let them know what we were doing when it happened so they can gather more data to help with the bug squashing.

Thank you guys for the answers, looks like xbox port has a lot of bugs. I had those 2 issues, die and body seemed to be succionated by ground and item lost. Well I’ll play offline too… It should be an attention touch for funcom.

I just took a trip over to the PC side of this forum and there’s hardly anything related to “losing items”, which leads me to believe its definitely a console “thing”. It also makes me wonder how they’re utilizing their resources with respect to testing, PC vs console.

Oh well, I’ll keep playing, but playing safer than I was before.

What I have to do to eliminate the potential for losing items is taking off my armor and all my item wheel contents and placing them in boxes. But like you’re experiencing, boxes might not be safe either.

I hope so. I hope Valkyrja is correct as well regarding the devs knowing these are real issues on the console side. We’ll see.

Definitely is a console bug, we should wait for upcoming updates… Thank you guys for answering and resolving my doubts.