Game Crashed and Lost Everything


I play on official server#2502 and recently the game crashed while fighting a crocodile near my base. I was getting tired of the constant crashes so went to run some errands. I figured I’d be dead when I logged on but didn’t care because it was so close to my base.

I log back on, I’m in the desert and my bed roll Is gone. I can’t teleport to my base and don’t think it’s even there anymore.

I guess my question is, will I be able to get my things back?

Do not relay on that . This has happened to me so many times that i gave up posting this issue here. Try the following steps though and you may (may not) find your body and loot it:

  1. make sure you remember exactley the rigth spot where you was before died;
  2. keep in mind that: if you was walking when the game just crashed your character will keep walking towards the direction you was going prrviously untill it find anything to make it stop, such as a rock or wall or untill you get killed for any means; if it was the case you’ll need to try following that same direction and search around;
  3. many times your body will be invisible and you’ll not be able to find it rigth away; if you’re sure about the spot you’ve died than try getting far alway and going back to see if it appears again: sometimes it works;
  4. Try to carry the minimum necessary equipment do you’ll lose less things in that situation;
  5. avoid the surroundings of some enormous bases; i had many crashes in such areas; it takes too much effort to load out and that’s the reason behind some crashes. It seems the game lacks optmization in consoles;
    Those steps will not be a warranty agaisnt losing stuff but will help you a bit. Good luck mate.

Hey thanks for the reply. Will my stuff be there if I run back even after all this time??

Yeah I chose to build near a large base, I guess that was my mistake to begin with. I noticed huge frame rate spikes whenever I try to go inside my tower, which is very small with only crafting stations inside.

I guess I can’t wait till they fix these issues on XB1.

You’re wellcomed.
No, after you have logged off your previous dead body will be lost forever, unfortunatelly.
I have lost even legendary weapons in my turn caused by those crashes.
Indeed, you cannot wait for Funcom to update the game till it get fixed: it will take time to happen. The best way you can try to solve this is by moving your base to a new place far from large ones and npc camps. I know it may take alot of time and effort but you will have peace at least!
Well, anyway bid you good luck.

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