Falling Through the Floor in Agartha


Hello :slight_smile: I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the summer so far!

Today I’ve noticed that whenever I go to Agartha, I keep falling through the floor/platforms. I fall in an infinite loop and no actions I take help. I managed to teleport to Kingsmouth, where this problem does not occur and everything was fine. Earlier I logged on, picked up a baseball bat and went to fight a Golem. My game crashed and I figured it would probably be fine when I got home. I’m not sure what to do, sorry. I have also included a picture. Thank you for your help and time it is greatly appreciated.


I mostly fall through the floor in agartha due to slow loading after a jump pad, making the game fail loading the receivinbg platform before I reached it. I suspect the high load of people today made that only worse.


Please submit an in-game petition if you have not already. You can open the petition interface using the /petition command in your chat window. That will allow a Game Master to assist you with this directly in-game.

I’d also recommend using the “Repair Broken Data” function on the game launcher the next time you restart, since this often resolves similar issues with being unable to load or interact with certain locations. Please be aware that the repair function will take some time to complete, though.


I also had this same issue when i first ported into the Golem instance. Just kept falling through the floor, then it would port me back to the top and i would fall through again - in a loop of falling. Couldn’t move, couldn’t type into chat, couldn’t say anything, do anything -just looped.

I was eventually kicked from the instance with the deserter debuff :frowning:


Hello everyone. Thank you all for your help! I’m happy to report that I’m no longer falling through the map. I did what Rooibos suggested by selecting repair broken data in the game launcher and that seemed to fix it! Thank you!:smiley: I also followed the advice Leogrim gave and went on at a less busy time.
Hopefully tomorrow I can fight one of those Golems! Thank you all!

Meta-Moth how are things on your end? Has there been any improvement for you yet?


Well it only happened once lol after the debuff wore off i went to the next golem fight and was totally fine.
Think it was lag for me - all good tho.