Fallos en todos los servidores pve conflicto 3041 ps4

Buenas tardes la ultima vez able sobre los problemas del servidor pve conflicto en ps4 3041 y todos los demas pve conflicto no solo en el que estoy yo me pase ablando mal de acuerdo pero igualmente no haceis nada son las 18:00 y ya no se puede entrar me podeis explicar porque no lo arreglais de una vez muy dificil no sera creo yo porque no hay un parche desde hace un año y a un compañero le dijisteis que estabais trabajando en ello pero todavia estais en ello pues nose pero me gaste 30€ en el segundo año de los 4 pack y para que para nada porque con todos mis respetos lo teneis abandonado menos pc y isla siptha y arreglar el fallo yo me baneasteis y estoy ya calmado pero es imposible carmarse cuando uno se gasta los € mientras otros se lo embolsan sin solucionar nada ponerse un poco en el lugar de los usuarios


This server has had numerous issues over the past month and nothing has been done. I know everyone on the server has had issues log in but not loading into the game. Not entering at certain times or being able to log in. I’ve sent numerous tickets and nothing has been done and I haven’t seen any results. I tried getting on before 9am and no luck. To me this game is dead and all the dlc. I will not buy Siptrah either. If this company wanted to take care of the servers they would. My guess is they are working on the dlc release of Siptrah to consoles and don’t care about the main game anymore. This game was great until you cannot play it. I started playing Valheim and that’s much better.


Clan Nazgúl here. You did ban us for a 10 by 10 landclaim. Thanks for that, but thats not the Topic… Its about Time to get this Issue Fixed. We did spend so much precious Time on building Bases, farming Thralls and some people are slowly loosing them because they are not able to connect to the server after 5 pm to reset them. Please Fix this issue or at least Respond that youre working on it… you will loose a lot of people if you keep on doing nothing.


Clan Fractured Gem here, although we are fairly new to the server we are also annoyed with this issue. Members have not been able to get in after 5PM on numerous occasions, makes dealing with purges difficult and spoils the game for those of us who have to work their gaming time around jobs and real life almost impossible. This is a good server, it would be a shame to see it die because of issues the players have no control over .


Yo también estoy en el servidor este. También soy nuevo. Y tampoco puedo juegar a partir de las 5 normalmente. Ayer a las 3 de la tarde ya no podia entrar. Hoy eran las 4 y me tiro del juego y ya no pude entrar. Las constantes caidas del servidor ya agotan la paciencia. Yo iba comprar los dlc y el juego dune. Haber si con la actualización va todo mejor.

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Clan Förster has same Problems, everyone has the same Problem: UNABLE TO JOIN SERVER. This server is unplayable. Please do something. You can see there is no one online on the server at night, about at 5 PM (GMT +1) no one can join anymore, also yoi can join just once a day till 5 PM. Today it is extremely frustrating because I wanted to log in at 3 PM and couldn’t get in already.
It’s the worst!

I would recommend filing a class action suit against Funcom and their parent company Tencent. They violated their end of the ToS therefore violated the contract that became binding upon acceptance.

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