Fatal Error Single Player after Update Could not find SuperStruct ReceiveBeginPlay

I need help, my Solo Gameplay crashed during the loading after the New Update Age of War 3. In the morning I am playing and everthing went good, I ve played with 14 mods and have no problems since that Update.

The Fatal Error : Could not find super Struct to ReceiveBegin Play to create Receive Begin Play - File C/B/tech_exile /code/Engine/Source/Runtime/ Core U Object/Privat/Serialization/AscynLoading. cpp line:3481

I do not know what I can do and hope there is someone who can help me.

Do you by any chance have the ‘thralls are alive’ mod installed?

I’ve just spent hours removing all mods from my load order and then loading each mod and starting a new game and when i installed thralls are alive i keep getting that same fatal error code.

I think it may be conflicting with the chapter 3 update because you can have thrall work in a tavern now or something.

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