Feats are broke?

I log in and my hero had been wiped of all religions and feats is this a late April fools joke? so I’m like ok I will just drink a potion and redo them and now I have no feats and does show I need to buy all the religions for 50, I unlocked them with Avatars so. Help Me PLEaSe!

So are you on an official server if so wait till the restart also if you learn religious feats from trainers you won’t spend points to learn them just to upgrade but this seems to be getting more common to be honest this is the 5 time I’ve answered this in about 10 days but let’s also get @Hugo see what he says

If you do it through trainers they will also be permanently unlocked on that character

My friend is it so difficult to go to the religion knowledge points and learn them back. If you allready have map-room, it will take you 15 minutes to 20 learning them. Except Jebhall sag that you have to redo the dungeon. Still this too is 15 min if you go only for the bosses, so? What are you waiting for?

It was only for a day and the restart that night fixed it. but yeah thats not cool.

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