Feats learned but not crafting

Well to start off in feats i found i couldn’t scroll through all of them, tho I have managed to learn some things and craft it. I been having same issue in learning the weapon mods. Tho i finally learned the feat for it, in the blacksmith I can’t craft the last mods in it. Again its learned iny feats. But not craftable in blacksmith…

What is it you’re trying to craft? Are you sure it’s made in the blacksmith table? I’ve stumbled a few times wondering why I couldn’t find what I needed there…only to realize I had to be at the armorer’s table.

Yep its crafted there. its all the third lvl of blunted fitting, and mods as well as the legendary repair kit for weapons. I have a thrall that can craft them. (Purge one)
Its annoying cause my boyfriend can use it and irs there but i cant.

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