Feedback: Bazaar Aesir Blacksmith Set

Wak posted a video on it.

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Yeah, disappointing to say the least. Visually awesome! Practicality… lacking.

Appreciated, @Wak4863

No need for the Lost Dungeon video. We all know it’s garbage. :roll_eyes:

The dye channels on the apron are bad.

The shift and the apron share a single dye channel… What the Cluck?

As for the station itself…
This one will torture a use out of it.
Why would any want an oversized basic blacksmith bench? Is a single foundation finishing a square as a footprint an issue? Let’s handwave off that it takes up more space than the base version.
Perhaps someone wants to make lots of illusions?
The advanced blacksmith benches (Garrison and Campaign) cannot make low tier items, only the epic versions (unless that has changed). So you craft Starmetal, Eldarium, or whatever stat stick at the Garrison Bench, and then craft the iron illusion at the basic bench.

Oh, another tortured and limited use, you can now craft a blacksmith bench at 1st level without spending feat points.

Thank you for saving my Crom Coins on that one :+1:t2:

Once again, thank you everyone for posting about this. It looks really nice but, as everyone else has said, if it isn’t at least improved, I’m not going to waste my currency on it (and it’s a larger footprint…why???).

Also UGH on the dye channels. Please guys. Please.

Yeah this needs to be changed to include a basic and improved version at the very least. It is useless after just a few hours of gameplay as is.

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Why would they put a blacksmith outfit if you can’t dress your crafters with it? Makes no sense, just like the emotes that cannot be used on followers.
The 1 thrall cage made sense, because you can convert thralls with it, but the blacksmith has no purpose.
The chest, is yet another dedicated storage. I’d rather use metalic chests, which open and close properly and I can store whatever I want in it.
Overall the blacksmith bundle has limited functionality and a not so worthy purchase for me.
I’m still waiting for the day when dedicated storage containers become skins of the metalic chest, similar to eldarium chests on Sitpah, and not a limited container that’s not even cosmetic, it’s a downgrade from a metalic chest.


Maybe its for shadowing for a new outfit system? Ok…it was a dream, but a nice one!


I watched @Wak4863’s video, I’m not sure if he’s aware, but there is a work around with this.

PlayStation uses the square button, I’m not sure what Xbox or PC uses, but if you use the same button to exit, while still in your inventory, it does close as intended.

I know that’s probably confusing to read, so I made a little video. :+1:t2:


Where you get that info? Trying to see all item’s added to bazaar

Goto the wiki and find the black lotus bazaar entry. Its lists all of the items currently in the game, even if it’s not accessible.

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The asier building set was een in the dev stream and in one of the trailers and over the adminpanel in singelplayer you can see the pieces you not can use them but you get a good idee how they look and what is inside

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I’ve just made 2 storage containers to replace the chests I had my metal bars in. I can’t place obsidian bars in the new containers!


Kind of looking forward to that set

That’s because obsidian isn’t metal, it’s glass!

I see your point, but if that’s the reason I can’t put them in the metals chest, then obsidian tools and weapons should be made in the casting bench, not the blacksmith’s bench.

You are absolutely right. Any type of ingot should fit into this chest. My comment was meant more as a joke. :+1:

And why do I have to craft the chest in the workbench at all. I can build the other storage chests with the construction hammer. At Funcom, one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. :roll_eyes:


I took it as a joke, but you did have a point :slight_smile: I just watched wak4863’s video about the set and he’s making the storage chest and sign in the construction hammer. I had to make both items in the artisan table.

This one would guess that Wak was in creative mode.