Aesir Blacksmith Bench - no improved version?

I bought the Aesir Blacksmith Bench from the Bazaar a few months back. Im so dissapointed to see it back in the Bazaar with no improved option for the bench.

Its cosmetically beautiful, but it loses its relevance so quickly once you tech up to improved blacksmithing :face_with_peeking_eye: a steep price to pay for something that takes up space and becomes obsolete early game.

@Funcom can we please get an option to create this as an improved bench once you spend the relevant knowledge points?

I dont even care if its the exact same skin as the standard Aesir Blacksmith Bench, just with all of the functionality of the improved version - I really want to use this as the centrepiece in my highland forge but its simply a costly ornament right now :sob:

Edit: I wouldn’t be adverse to the master smithing benches also being craftable with the same model / skin


Funcom should definitely consider making most cosmetic crafting benches improved ones. Everything else does not make sense.
Of course you can make an exception for campfires or something similar small. For example, I really like that the Battle Pass Spit Roast Campfire has more storage space than the normal campfire. But the Vanir stove is only at the level of the normal stove. Why? What was wrong with making the Vanir stove an improved stove?

Does anyone know if the Stygian Armorer Workbench is an improved armorer workbench?


I believe the Stygian armor bench is the same level as the improved bench.

I remember checking it when it first appeared in the Bazaar and thought this was a good sign that the Aesir bench would get an improved counterpart.

Just checked the default crafting components and its 150 Brick and 50 Steel so looks to be an improved bench.

I think that when building a workbench, you just need to give a choice of what resources to make it from. Then if you spent resources corresponding to, for example, an improved machine, then the characteristics of the machine should be the same.