Aesir blacksmith pack issues

  1. Blacksmith apron dyes are applying to the whole outfit itself instead of just the apron and shirt separately and the belts as well.
  2. Blacksmith apron cloth physics is same as innkeeper skirt physics. Isn’t the blacksmith apron supposed to be made of leather material and not as flimsy as a piece of cotton clothing physics?
  3. Blacksmith outfit needs to make a female version of the outfit way better, cos it makes the female look like a male from behind.
  4. Aesir blacksmith is too well detailed for it to be just a low level blacksmith bench. Make it available as an advanced version also instead of just the normal blacksmith bench only. I’d like it to be used even as an improved blacksmith bench. Its too good looking a blacksmith bench that its not available for use as a improved blacksmith bench.
  5. May be add a 1H blacksmith hammer as a weapon with the move set of a mace style weapon. (just a sugesstion, for the amount of crom coins we paid to purchase it, Might as well have gotten a cool blacksmith hammer as a 1 handed weapon, may be even thor hammer lol).

Or a skin for the repair hammer.


Paint it all white grab a cleaver and you can rolplay a chef/butcher.

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Are there additional options in the Improved and Master stations once you buy this?

I would love it if stations behaved like temples and we could upgrade them in place.

This is when mods come in and save the day, I believe there is a mod that uses a small blacksmith hammer that acts as a tier 3 blacksmith bench, place it on top of new bench and RP for days!

I was so happy when I saw it could be dyed, then found out the shirt and apron both change when I try to dye the shirt, even though they are two different colors to start with. Very disappointing.

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That’s not the point. The majority of players can’t use mods.

Literally this

Yeah I second that.

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