Female chair sitting pose bugged

The “AB_human_female” blueprint points to “A_emote_sitting_chair”, so the male sitting pose is used. “A_emote_sitting_chair_f” is bugged in the game and gives a T-pose when the “AB_human_female” blueprint points to it. Overriding “A_emote_sitting_chair_f” with the source file from the DevKit, which seems to be a different version, fixes it.

I noticed that I get different poses with different chairs. I only tried two though. This is with a female character.
Does that mean some chairs have the wrong pose assigned to it or something?

That’s the pose on chairs without armrests. It defaults to the male pose which it shouldn’t. The female pose has the legs close together while the male pose doesn’t.

Ah, gotcha. Thanks!

Noticed that also, never thought it through though, makes sense, the missing “f” is easily a typo in the code.

I don’t think it’s a typo. It can’t be because of the way blueprints work in UE 4. I corrected that in my mod, so I know what I’m talking about. I think they did that on purpose because the female pose is bugged. And they probably forgot they have a working iteration of it now.

So It has been reported as a bug to the devs?

I think that’s what this thread is for :wink:

eh, oh yeah…forgotten where I was. Where do I report that the Vanir Exceptional & Flawless settler skirt is not showing on my character, the DYE button won’t show either, it is the only one that I found so far that is like that. Put it one my character and she is naked from waist to boots…

The same place you’re at now. The bug report section.

Those skirts are visible on my character, but I’ve noticed that the chest wrap and loincloth that some bearers wear become invisible once removed and no longer show up on any thrall or my character when equipped.

But this thread is about the sitting pose. My character often clips through chairs when I sit down, she sits too far back. Relogging temporarily fixes it but it always ends up happening again.

Really both the Exceptional and Flawless Vanir settlers skirt? You are on PC SP PVP also correct. Should I still create a thread and report it? I could wait until the game finishes downloading and start a new to see if they have been fixed or not?

The normal one shows up fine on mine but not the flawless and exceptional.

I have never had them disappear like this and no matter how often I take them off and put them back on they remain invisible on my character, and the Dye option button is not being displayed for that item.

Yes, both. They show up on my thralls too.

I’d wait. Redownloading may fix it.