Female Thrall body glitch

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Single Player

Bug Description:

Female Thrall body endowment is not displaying correctly

Bug Reproduction:

Gain a follower such as Luba the Luscious and you will see when she is placed to guard, that the body will change

She’s even more luscious now. What’s the issue? :grinning:

It’s more like inverted

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With the exception of Lianeele, all non purge ( and also surge in Siptah) t4 dancers have tea bags for boobs. I don’t know wich imbecile thought this was a good idea for er0tic dancers, but there you have it.
Just get other tiers and you won’t even notice the difference, @Scorpion829 .

It seems like an actually glitch, when you try to place the follower in guard mode the model is in it’s original form; then when placed it resorts to the tea bags.

Yes, there’s a bug, @Scorpion829 . What you describe is happening BUT, except Lianeele, all non purge/surge t4 female dancers have tea bag boobs. That’s a feature, unfortunately. Them having medium sized bugs before placement (and in my case taking one piece of clothing from them) is the bug. It’s happening with all thralls. They change once you undress them. Without the bug, their features would remain constant.

Really? I spawned Luba in after reading and her chest had tripled. Hence my previous comment. :thinking:

Now, that’s a bug I wouldn’t mind having, @everybodyvsME ! :smile:
I wonder if devs came to their senses on this. Later I’ll spawn a few. Hopefully things changed.

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This must explain what I’m experiencing, I’m on a private server spawning in random thralls and they all have the same ugly face structure and body, haven’t tried removing clothes to see if it changed. My character also is glitched when first loading in her face is different and boobs small she’s supposed to be max boob setting but ones I take of any peace of armor her face and body go back to normal