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You guys might already be aware of this but there is a bug where it won’t let you build fence foundation on foundation.

Like let’s say I have a wall of foundation 5 wide by 10 high. I can place 2 or 3 fence foundation than it stop working. Sometimes during my gaming session I can place one or two more randomly. But the bug always comes back. This happen in single player as well I tested it to make sure that it wasn’t a connection issue with the server.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.build foundations
2.add fence foundations to them
3.works for a while than stops working randomly

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@ I will have to try that tonight or tomorrow let you know.

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Try breaking a fence foundation and then laying the one you want to lay in place. I found this problem awhile ago. What I figured was I would make a fence foundation, break it and than put the one I wanted in place. Worked every time. I know this is not a workaround. I’m sayin this is connected somehow to the building mechanics. Not sure if this post even helped, lol. Just thought I would say something. :grinning:

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There is a trick that i use that is going to cost you but it will make your life easier. Place sandstone fence foundation and then replace with any tier of any dlc you like. Sandstone fence foundations attach really fast and almost unbugged. Another thing you can do for pvp is to make a double line of walls and then walk above in the middle of any floor you do and place a fence foundation there. But still if you don’t want to use the first 2 methods the third way to cheat the bug is to change build command and come back to the starter, what i mean is that when you find bug on placing fence foundation, put on your wheel of choise something else too a brazier for example, command the brazier installation and without completing this command go back to the fence foundation installation and the bug will be gone :wink:. Still if you don’t have material issues use the sandstone trick, i found it more handy than the other 2.


Theres certain point, were you have so many spots for it to connect to its just wont let you snap to right spot.

Some of it has to do with few things.

-Were you just standing there? The game may hold that spot as used for abit. (switch to another piece and back can help game reload said piece)

  • The game hasnt caught up, and needs a sec to figure out stablity to all pieces. You often have to build up all way around with foundations. Before you go up.

-Often times, when there to many connect points, you need get a different angle with camera.
Kinda like ladders on gateways. If your at wrong angle, it’ll never let you place it at certain way.

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