Festive Crested Lapdog Twitch Drop

I got the Festive Crested Lapdog drop and previously couldn’t learn the knowledge. I now have the knowledge but can’t seem to craft or spawn the Savory Fodder that is required to craft it. I can spawn in the dog itself however.

  • Game mode Official or Private Server
  • Game type PvE
  • PS5
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I cannot find the knowledge to make the Savory fodder, either. I can craft all the other fodders. I have been waiting for a fix for this in issue ever since the drop.

Playing on PS5.

Hello everyone,

Could you please poke our team over on the HelpCentre so they can investigate your account and see what is going on?

You can contact them here: https://funcom.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thank you in advance :smile:

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