STILL can't craft Twitch drops on PS4/5

I have not been able to craft any of the Twitch drops in game including any of the Watcher set. They all show, but I can not learn them. Twitch account is linked, I even unlinked the account to see if it would help, but no such luck.


Can spawn in twitch drops in single player but not craft them in online servers.
Watcher set shows but is ‘unlearnable’. The new drops are not showing at all.

I see the new dops, but same issue. Watcher set and new drops are unlearnable.

Can you only spawn them Offline?
I have got the 3 Festive items (Lapdog, snowflake and trophy) but can not access them online.

The new drops are in the list of all items, not in the individual subsections for some reason. However, they’re the same issue… can’t craft. Funcom is aware and trying to fix them. I guess.

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I was able to get my watcher twitch drops. There are new twitch drops going on right now until January 3rd. I went ahead and watched twitch until I unlocked the new drops then I connected to twitch from Conan Home Screen again and this worked for me. I am now able to access the new drops including the old watcher drops!!

This did not work for me.

Twitch says I’m connected but not drops for me. Want ugly passivist runt mange wolf dog.

Same, I have all 3 twitch drops currently going on right now in my knowledge, but when selecting each one to learn, nothing happens, they stay unlearned.

It does let me learn all 3 in my single player/offline mode, but when doing it online, nothing.


(Playing on the ps4 version on the ps5)

I’m also having trouble getting the Twitch items in game on PS5 (Lapdog, snowflake and trophy).

I have unlocked and claimed from Twitch. I have linked my Conan Exiles from my PS5 at the game titles screen. It’s been several days and I can’t see them to craft them. And I cannot see them in my Ancestral Knowledge like I can my battle pass items.

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They are also still locked to me, even though I have unlocked them on twitch. i play PS5 on private server, my friends have the same problem.

What steps did you take? Nothing is working for me.

He’s on Xbox… whatever steps he took, if any, aren’t related to the PlayStation problem.


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Was here to check the same thing. I can see the drop rewards under the knowledge tab but while they take zero points to learn they are un-learnable.

Same issue, watched the twitch vids claimed rewards there but they’re not showing up on online game only showing on offline.

Hmmmmm…Question. Are these in dev kit? The reason I ask is that CE (from what I know) has all of the internals of all content in the core program we have in our consoles and so the system reviewed what we “own” via FC Live and allows access to these things in the coding. But the twitch drops just seemed…spur of the moment so I am questioning whether or not it’s in the coding.

The other thought here is that maybe we need a FC account because the link to FC live seems to work just fine with the console and is consistently having issues with Twitch…so it would make sense just to run a twitch to FC Live connection and then FC Live to console and that may work the easiest way…but that would require a account linkage which means we get standard accounts.

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They work fine in the single player/co-op game, but online they are bugged.

Somehow i think nothing will be done about it, just as with the earlier drops. They have been bugged a long time now. But hey, just add more and more paid content Funcom, don’t worry about anything else.


I think youre right. This won’t make them money so they don’t care