Fight Pits: Raid all day every day

Fight Pits: Raid all day every day

We are a brand new server as of december 2022! Come claim your land before you have to take it from somebody else!

Map: Exiled lands

Mode: PVP


Region: America

Slots: 40

Harvest: 4.0

Item Convertion Multiplier (Crafting Speed): 0.75 (1.5x speed)

Player Idle Thirst/Hunger: 0.5

Player offline Thirst/Hunger: 0

Player XP Rate Multiplier: 1.75

Player XP Kill Multiplier: 1.5

Thrall Crafting Time Multiplier: 0.35

Fuel Burn Time Multiplier: 2.5

Clan size: 12

Friendly Fire damage multiplier: 0.15

Nudity: FULL


  • Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.4.6

  • Pickup+

  • Better Thralls v2.2.0

  • ExilesExtreme - v1.5.48

  • Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.9.6

  • Beyond Stations

  • Simple Minimap (by Xevyr) v1.0.9

  • Thralls are alive

  • Pythagoras: Expanded Building - v2.1.22

Description: This is a new project that I’m going to be working on making a fast paced environment for Conan PVP’ers. Raids and wars, 1v1s, 2v2s, 2v3s, 1v4s… this is the place to throw down. Raid window is entirely open here so stay frosty. Current capacity is 40 but when this gets traction I’ll be adding slots. Enjoy, and tell your friends! :wink: -Oogle