Proxy's Exiles/PvP/1.5x/FRI-SAT RAIDS 6PM-2AM ONLY/BetterThralls/

The server is 24/7 and only a day old, you need the Better Thralls mod installed. It is the only mod on the server. You are allowed up to 5 Thrall followers + your horse. RAID HOURS ARE 6PM-2AM Friday and Saturday NOT 6PM-2PM , sorry for the typo.

This server is perfect for people that have full time jobs or solo players due to the mod, I myself do and have a hard time playing regular raid hour servers due to my schedule. So I decided to make a weekend only raid server! I am still tweaking a few values, but everything is very balanced. 25 slots for now, will upgrade if needed later.

The rules are simple, don’t block bases in, don’t block vital parts of the map!

Other then that there are no rules! I will be looking for staff (Ages 16+) and incentivizing the first ten players with a Thrall/Weapon/Tool of their choice. (No named equipment crafting thralls and the tool/weapon will be hardened steel).

Search for - Proxy’s Exiles-PvP/BETTERTHRALLSMOD/1.5x/FRI-SAT RAIDS 6PM-2AM

Direct Connect - 35221