[File:C:\B\tech_exiles\code\Engine........ Thread.cpp] [Line: 959]

Game mode: Single-player | Co-op
Type of issue: Crash | Bug | Performance | Other
Server type: PvE
Region: US
Mods?: Happens even after uninstalling mods
Edition: STEAM

Bug Description:

Fatal error:


Thread.cpp] [Line: 959]

GameThread timed out waiting for RenderThread after 60.00 secs

Just started out of nowhere. Was playing fine until I went to add Northern Timbers Mod and then CTD every time. Tried unsubscribing from the mod and clearing game/steam cache and verifying files. Reboot. All drivers up to date. Still CTD with same error. My games and steam are all on D:/ drive. Not sure why the C:\ file is mentioned in the error.


I have a lot of time and building in this session and a number of mods that have never caused an issue; I’d like to be able to play and not lose everything.

It would be nice if Funcom could actually support their game with technical help. This is not mod related as ALL mods were unsubscribed, cache cleared and game files verified. And the same crash still happened. 2+ months of building likely gone. And no support from the company who sold the game.

And yes, I’ve searched the forums and tried numerous suggestions. None have worked.

Mods can (and do) change your game database. If your single-player game database was corrupted by the mod, the problem would persist even after unsubscribing.

You should look at your Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved directory. There should be several files with .db extension in there. The game.db file contains the latest version of your Exiled Lands single-player world. There should also be other files like game_backup_1.db and game_build_354133_1.db, for example.

First back up all these files to a different directory, then try replacing your game.db file with one of the other, older files, to see if that fixes the problem. You might lose some progress, but it’s preferable to starting from scratch.

Those were the paths used when the assets were “cooked” during the build and packaging. It’s how the engine works.

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