Final Boss in Warmaker's dungeon...Question

Good day all.

Just a quick question regarding the final boss. I just went through the dungeon. The final boss instantly doubled in size at start of the battle, then @ 75% of health, he went to full size. I thought the two changes came at 75% and 50% of health. Was the change by design?


Yes, this is intended.

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KK thanks.

@The_gamer00600 he still should grow at 75% and 50%. I tested it today.

@rolee9309, I’ll go back in later…Maybe my last encounter with the boss was a one-time glitch.

At this point, this game has probably more bugs than features.

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I have completed the Warmaker’s dungeon 3 times since my last post. The first 2, the final boss reacted the same way as above, however, I just ran the dungeon again with a non human follower this time, the final boss transformed at 66%ish & 33%ish.

Did you run the dungeon solo or with a follower, and if you had a follower, was it human or beast?

With a thrall, so a human follower.
But today I’m gonna try it out with a pet and solo and see what happens.
Maybe something is effed up in his coding?

I’ll reenter the Dungeon with my Named Bearer thrall, see what outcome I get. Maybe my thrall is jinxed. :slight_smile:

I have ran the dungeon a few more times with my suspect thrall Pelor the Well-Travelled and found that if my thrall hits first the transformations are at 99% and 75%, if I hit first, the transformations are at 90% and 66%ish. Not sure why my human thrall has this effect when a non-human behaves normally. :star_struck:

Yeah I’m pretty sure its meant to be 66 and 33. Testlive has it still transforming at weird times, I made a post in the testlive section about it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info.

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