Firebowl Cauldron crafting cue bug

This might be a known bug, but here goes.

Firebowl Cauldron cue gets cleared losing all mats on death.

I was trapped in the Passage with the no climb bug, eventually deciding to embrace death. Upon my respawn in the Jungle by the obelisk near the docks, I try to cheer myself up by looking at my two undead hyenas and stable skeleton’s progress as they take quite long before “animated”. (I like the craft time length btw). Only to be let down again with an empty cue. Well needless to say I am farming dem bones again…:rofl: :skull: :joy:

  • PVE-C EU server

Further testing shows that merely logging out has the same effect by cancelling the undead creations
( hyena this time) and still losing all mats involved with the crafting process.

I would however like to suggest or request a way to equip the undead fighters with at least a better weapon and shield. As it stands after watching firespark81’s latest video comparison with high tier thralls versus the craftable undead. It is clear that due to the lack of damage and no armor value these beauties are sadly rendered useless in a decent fight when compared to T3 and T4 thralls. While I get they are not meant to replace T3 and T4 thralls, it would be nice to see them brought closer damage and armor wise to high end thralls. I think the amount of effort justifies this and I would like to be able to have a solid place for them in my base defenses and whilst exploring and killing Unnamed city and it’s denizens.

Firespark81’s comparison video. (The fighting starts at around 9:44)

Tried to reproduct this issue, but couldn’t.

Not on server, but singleplayer, so may be server related. Would need an other person to confirm or dement this happening on servers all the time.
Made 2 skelletons, 1 hyenas, and a bunch of bones in the firebowl. Loged out twice, and queue stayed well, ever one skeleton was ready.

Thank you for helping with this issue. I will try and reproduce it again after fortifying my position for the looming purge…

I think the thinking behind the undead is that they fight in a horde, and something that Firespark and most people missed. Is Undead dont stagger. Meaning they cant be stopped mid attack by spears or bows. A more fair comparrison would have been 3 or so skeletons against a thrall. Ideally they would chain stagger any thrall they fought to death. Whether or not that makes them usefull is anyones guess

This is a very valid point Massrain. I have been taking “Mortuus” my silent legion warrior skeleton to runs in the mounds and I must say he is surprisingly resilient. To not get staggered is a huge advantage. But the relative small damage output is a bit annoying tbh. BUT I think I am starting to see their use, and I might have been to hasty with my request? Although more damage would be great.

Thank you for your thoughts on the matter! :metal::smiling_imp: :skull: :skull: :skull:

They’re very agresssive to, left around a base, they attack nearly all coming nearby.

I think they have a purpose, but will not replace a thrall, but still are very worthy fighters.
Sure, still a cost to make some, same for the unstable skeletons, they’re are very fun to use, but needs the mats and the time to make them.

About our unstable friends…I do so wish they would bump their life up a little though? I can see why they nerved them, that was just too much, but after seeing that stream I have been wanting to obliterate some purge waves (plural) with a battalion of them! One explosive arrow into the fray of gas and death… only to wait for the next wave! If they could just “live” through maybe 2-3 waves? The cost is a little outrageous for just one walking gas orb?

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Agree, what will refrain me is the cost, otherwise fun as hell, yes !
Don’t forget the sandstormmask on thralls, and you’re fine, i put an army around my mighty gate to see. But stupid purge decided to attack in the volcano and got molten like still.

Hope next will trigger at main-base. I love purge testings, so these guys can be fine and fun.

But yes, maybe make them bit less costy or give them bit more health would be an idea.

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hue hue a horde will be something to see, but i agree with Necro that they need a minor damage buff. Even a t2 fighter with flawless medium gear and normal harden steel two hand can defeat legion soldier.:wink:

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Hey there,

Thanks for the feedback, sending it to our team to see if they can reproduce it.

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Upon further testing I have found that it still happens that when I log out the crafting undead fails. But I also noticed that when cancelling the undead being crafted, it will only refund the green bones (forgot the name) the shard is destroyed / missing. Also, I don’t know if this is intended, but when clicking to cancel a crafting undead it warns you like when cancelling a thrall on the wheel of pain. I think this may be unintentional.

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