Unstable Animation (1hp Undead Skeleton)disappears in crafting queue

Game mode: [Online | official server]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [America]

***consumes resources but no skeleton is given in return. Plz look into it. Thank you.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Gather required resources for crafting unstable animation.(1 weathered skull,5 corrupted bone)
2.Place said gathered items in the cauldron. (Alchemist or not)
3.Select “craft” and watch your items get consumed while eagerly waiting for the skeleton to be done.
4.Drown in confusion after watching it be done and instantly disappeared on the crafting queue.

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I lost two this way as well. I thought maybe they just expired, but I was back in plenty of time.

Hello @Chilling, welcome to the forums!

Does this issue occur with you being present in the same area as the crafting station or while being away from it ( different map area )?

Are you sure that the Unstable Skeleton didn’t expire?

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Ok. After doing this 3 more times it yield the following results:
1st- crafted unstable animation and stood right next to the station from start to finish and it worked. The expiration time for it showed 24hr but the result was quite surprising as I received a “skeleton warrior” instead of the unstable animation and to my knowledge you only get these out of using fragment of power recipe and its random.
2nd- crafted ununstable animation and ran around my base always in close proximity and to my surprise it gave me a 2nd skeleton warrior. (Not sure but something seems def off as if the 1hp unstable animation is bugged and it yields a skeleton warrior instead)
3rd-crafted unstable animation and left to a different area of the map. After 1hr I returned and the undead pet wasn’t in the station. It disappeared and given its 24hr expiration timer it couldn’t have possibly expired. (Read elsewhere players having altars disappear while upgrading but if they stand close it won’t so maybe something similar is going on here, as for why it yields a skeleton warrior instead of the 1hp skeleton I have no idea lol) Something def is going on here and I would love to provide a clip of this issue happening as I go thru it but unfortunately I can’t do it, Im sorry.
Thanks for the response and hopefully this info helps identify what’s going on.

I have the same problem. Start crafting the unstable Skeleton and gone offline for 4 hours.
After i returned to the game, he is completely disappeared.
btw official PvE Server.

Hello and thanks for joining this conversation. Seems to be a thing, hopefully other players try to craft it and corroborate on the matter. Based on my testing I would suggest to stay in close proximity to the station while it’s being crafted, with a t3 or named thrall shouldn’t take long. For some reason you will end up getting a skeleton warrior and not the regular skeleton (1hp skeleton that explodes when killed) which in my eyes is better but seems unintended as this skeleton is meant to be crafted using the other recipe that requires fragment of power. I thought it would be very cool to craft the skeleton take him out to fight a mob and watch it explode so kept trying to craft it and I would leave and come back to find out it disappeared so if you decide to try again I suggest to stay nearby until this issue is resolved.

Crafting an unstable skeleton has a 20% chance to make the skeleton warrior, and they have a higher decay time than the unstable skeletons- which is only 1 hour.

Not based on my testing. I crafted 2 back to back. Both times it yield skeleton warriors (that’s 100% ratio not 20% and trust me Im not that lucky lol) and both had a 24hr decay timer. I suggest you try it so you can see for yourself but stay close by otherwise it disappears.

I don’t think that’s how it works… I’ve gotten a couple of warriors from the unstable animation, but mostly it’s been the unstable animations. It’s all still Rng. Keep making them and you’ll see that most of them will end up as unstable animations.

The skeleton warrior has a decay time of 24 hours.
The unstable skeleton has a decay time of 1 hour.

This information is all gathered from the wiki.

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I will craft 5 more to check on that. I will post my results. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Not playing anymore but…
I lost an amount of undead thralls (unstable skeletons) in the process of making them that I can’t even remember.
Fun fact is that I thought it was normal to “fail” an unstable skeleton’s creation due to his… well, instability ^^

I had something odd happen the other day.
I have been stockpiling reserve thralls in a chest.
After the Skeleton was created, I picked it up from the cauldron, and placed it into the chest with the other Thralls. I went back to chest before leaving my shack, and it had disappeared.

Undead “thralls” are actually consider pets therefore they have a expiration timer. Your best bet is to put it in a preservation box. Hope this helps


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Undead “thralls” are actually consider pets therefore they have a expiration timer. Your best bet is to put it in a preservation box. Hope this helps


Makes sense, thanks for the tip.

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After more testing I was able to confirm this. You’re right and I apologize for the misunderstanding and making this post. I will mark it as solution. Thanks.
@hugo or @Ignasis please feel free to close this thread when you get a chance. Thanks for everyones help.


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