Instant crafting "bug/glitch"

Game mode: [Online, Playstastion 4]

Glitch (?): I noticed that sometimes crafting certain items/thralls it takes an instant when it should be taking minutes/hours. Though I have no idea how I activate this glitch. This glitch have been working/popping up in both official and non-offical server.

Region: EU

I didn’t find any post related to this but if there is any I’m sorry befor hand, just wanted to tell that there is a such a glitch. Also I did record on YouTube, but I just don’t know if I’m allowed to post link here (Too lazy to check out the rules).

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No surprised you couldn’t find anything about it as it has been a long time since it has been brought up. It’s known that it happens though I don’t know if they are working on a fix for it.

It’s not game breaking and really I think it’s kind of a nice surprise when it happens. There are bigger fish to fry (pun intended) when it comes to patching issues that currently exist in the game. IMHO.

Hey @Telezia

We’re aware of this issue, but we haven’t found a reliable repro case for it y et. As @Wak4863 mentioned, since this is kind of a benign problem, it doesn’t have our full attention but we might revisit it in the future.
Thanks for your feedback.

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As you guys said. It’s not a biggie but I just wanted to tell you that this “issue” exist

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I have also noticed this issue recently, but it seems to happen very intermittently and only with fairly insignificant crafting like gruel, etc.
I concur with the “nice surprise” opinion, neither a game changer nor game breaker.

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