First attempt at Very Hard, Iron Mutant ends at Lair of The Horned Devil

…and for the life of me, I cannot understand why.

I had Farrow and Dux, both with 100% to Crit when Hidden, and I was in a hut. A Hunter approaches, and I activate combat. The Hunter has 26 health, and sure enough, both Dux and Farrow Crit for 10 Silent damage each.

I now only need Bormin, to hit for 7, and he’s dead. There was no square I could stand, that got Bormin a 100% shot, except one - that would surely reveal me to another Hunter. I simply had no choice, I had to take a 75% shot, and wouldn’t you guess it - I missed it! I tried to battle on, as I’d had to do on a few other maps - but it was no good. The Grey one, a Pyro, about 4 Hunters and the big Mimir Machine - I just couldn’t do it. It didn’t help they could shoot straight through the walls of the hut, as though they weren’t there. I wish I’d took a screenshot, or looked why I wasn’t get a 100% shot, because it simply made no sense. He was right there, about 3 squares in front of the door - not in cover or anything. The other 2 just 100% to hit, and 100% to Crit, yet Bormin, even if he stood in front of where they’d shot, couldn’t get a 100% hit.

On a side note. I made a video, on how to beat Brother Lundgren silently 100% success if anyone’s interested:

on Youtube o7ORXaSNM4E as bizarrely links not allowed.