I don't get the option to travel from The Rot Warren to The Lair of the Horned Devil

I got the infinite falling loop in the rot warren to start on this save but after the past 2 updates I decided to see if it was fixed and to my happiness it was and I loaded into the rot warren for real and completed the area only to not get the option to be able to travel at the spot indicated to the lair of the horned devil. I did skip through the conversation with the NPC cook which might have something to do with it…I don’t need to go there yet but wanted to open up the fast travel option for later but alas it’s a no go at this station.

I’m not sure I understand about the “option” to travel there. It’s just another exit path from the same area. It’s on the surface.

It’s on the surface? lol in a few previous attempts on iron mutant I was able to travel from inside the room at the back behind the vehicle…lol I’ve never tried from the surface now I feel like a real idiot :rofl::rofl::rofl: