Looking for some reassurance

So I discovered a cave alongside the western river called Weeping…something. Weeping Hollow? Anyway. A few spiders outside, a few inside, no big. Inside: pretty and ominous. Long deep staircase. At the end, a cliff/bay window opening onto a large arena-type (not THE Arena) cave further below. No way down besides jumping, and while I can see what appear to be exits below, I don’t know if they’re legit (see also: Klael’s Stronghold) or where they exit TO. So—has anyone been down there? Is it the one-way trip I’m afraid it is? No spoilers please, just some light reassurance that it isn’t just a cool-looking place that can only be exited by removing one’s bracelet.

I’m pretty sure you mean Weaver’s Hollow.

I can confirm you can find your way out again from there no worries :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep, that one has a second cave being the second entrance or rather the exit.
Care about big spidy in there though. :wink:

Wanna edit out your spoiler before OP reads it?

Which one? The entrance or whats waiting for him?
I would prefer to know whats waiting for me, given the circumstances how that spidy spawns.

I would agree and heads up in this case is not a spoiler. There’s no real warning with how things load in. My first time in… I had to do a Sir Robin and Run Away.

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That’s actually a bug (no pun intended). It’s mentioned in the current Testlive patch notes. You should be seeing what’s there long before you’re standing under it now.


JTtheDestroyer As most know Im a big Monty Python fan, and you have engaged my weakness sir. Its ok, Im sure we have all done bold Sir Robin manouver and ran away a few times. I know I also did when I first saw him. :wink:

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The big arena cave actually has two exits. Found one entrance with a friend of mine while we were searching for crystal nodes and gossamer. And yes, big spidey doesn’t load in until you’re basically on top of him… I almost died…

Well, Timelord specifically asked for no spoilers, so I would have thought it best to give no info at all, only the confirmation it was ok to proceed.

That’s what I would have personally wanted myself. And since OP asked, it seems considerate to err on the side of no intel.

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