Fun bug .....or intentional?

So, we went to the brimstone cave with the croc boss. Croc was too hard so we decided for me to kite it outside the cave while my game partner mined the nodes. Everything was awesome as I was kiting it in circles until the mining was done. The croc boss proceeded to chase us back to the house. We thought that we will be safe inside the house, little did we know that the croc boss will break down the door and eat my partner. I managed to escape to the 2nd floor and exit through the upstairs door. Croc boss got stuck on the stairs INSIDE my house with his giant tail waging in the wind through the wall of my house. Somehow, I managed to get him to move downstairs to the front door and killed him through a wall.

Good times.


Rocknose king started chasing me. Ran through an NPC camp and they started chasing the RK. Ran up some outside stairs to the second level of some poor guys house. I turn around and freak out as the RK follows me up the stairs.

So I do the sensible thing and jump off the side of the house. Turn around to see two NPCs catch up to the RK and get flattened, on the roof.

I sure hope that guy doesn’t have a heart attack when he walks outside and sees that thing on the second floor.

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Sounds fun!
I kind of hope it will stay like that…
As purge needs to be able to damage our stuff this must be intended.
Hm. Too bad Mr. Pinky doesn’t patrol the desert around those two ponds just south of pit anymore… :joy: