No cocodrile boss in gallamans cave

I have travelled 20 times to gallamans cave and there is no boss to kill. I need the stone!!!
Please help

Look around outside, and up top.

If your in SP, may just be spawned up top of cave. XD

On server, someone may be murdering it alot…or lured it outside, and its now trap and can’t find its way home. XD

any buidings around or on top? might be just blocked spawn.

Perhaps I am reading a little too far into the future here, but I will say it anyway just for the sake of considering all possibilities. If memory serves me correctly, Gallaman’s Tomb was to have a new dungeon added in the future. Is it possible that he was removed temporarily so that some new changes/adjustment could be made…!? Especially seeing as though his spawn point is right near the sealed door which I presume will become its entrance.

Thank you all. No buldings near. No cocodrile so no rock to remove the bracalet… it is sad. I need help please. I dont want to throw the game away.

lol for a croc?
are you playing on an online server? official or private? can you post a screenshot of the location where you expect to see the crocodile but there is none. are there other npcs around or is the cave completely empty?

Ok this is an unusual one Roykmc. I just tried it twice on my ps4 and he showed up both times, and so did the normal sized crocodiles. I am an Offline Singleplayer. That is not to say it is not happening to you. Tell me what is your mode of play? PvP, PvE, Offline Singleplayer?

Because if you have access to the server settings, you could try to either spawn him in manually, or spawn the Scourgestone piece in manually using the admin panel.

I am playing in an official server pvp. The crock boss must be in gallamans cave
But it is not!!!

I am.playing online pvp official server. I need the rock that is inside the crock to complete the game and remove my brazaletttttt

sigh. can u now answer the rest of the questions, please. we are trying to help but you are kicking and screaming like a baby instead of feeding us with information in order to actually figure out why your croc is not in the cave …

  1. Take a screenshot in front of the empty croc spot
  2. Are there any other crocs in the cave or is it completely empty?

If your goal is to complete the game, consider playing singleplayer where other players cant interfere with your gameplay.

Lol. You look very brave behind you keyboard. Jajaja. Anyway. The cave is full of crocs but the big one ( the boss with the stone inside ) is missing. Now i am not at home but the spot where the croc must be and is not is at the end of gallamans cave. The croc used to be there as it has killed me a couple of times. But now it is not. Hope this info can help you. Tonight i will do a screenshot.

I wont restart the game only to finish it.

  1. If it was trolled out, it will re-spawn at server restart. If this has been “bugged” for more than 1 day, then that is out.
  2. If you visually verified no base is above the cave, then try with the land claim detector. Make 1 sandstone foundation, then run around the area above and see if you get the “land already claimed” warning. If not ,then building is not killing the spawn point. If you do, then someone either on purpose or accidentally placed a building piece under the mesh in that area.
  3. It should re-spawn in 15-30 minutes (can’t remember which). So you might have to camp the are to see if someone is coming in to kill it. Seems weird they would pass up the other smaller crocs. Other than the end game piece, it gives hide mainly. Might give demon blood, but their are easier demon blood farming areas.

If all theses fail, it is either somehow under-meshed itself (but server restart fixes that), which means it is doing it every day. That’s all i got.


My wife killed it twice last night on private server going after brimstone. I have heard completing the game is a let down.


Depends I guess.

If you happen to do it “early” its kinda a WTF NOOOOOOOO!!!
But then i laugh cause it kinda tells you. XD

If you 100% done, and want restart… then its not that bad…ish…sorta.

It help if Mummy of Set was added into game proper, and maybe abit of extra flavor text XD.

Hi again Roykmc. I affraid that barring the advice of @WhatMightHaveBeen, I am out of ideas. Although I will say the following. If you are wanting to complete the game, the ending is pretty anti-climatic, and not really worth the loss of posessions (if youre not in a clan) you have accumulated. I would honestly recommend just watching it on you tube.

The other thing is Im not sure if you are trying to complete all of the Journey Steps, or just complete the game, but 1-2 of the Journey Steps cannot be completed:

Chapter 10 Step 8: Explore the entire Exiled Lands. &
Chapter 10 Step 9: Defeat the Mummy of the Ring.

The first is a bit finnicky, and works for some people but not others. The second, as Sera toched on the Mummy of the Ring is kind of our end of game boss who holds one of the 7 pieces. However, he is not currently implemented in the game, and will be released as additional content at a later date. BUT you can still build the Keystone and escape using the 6 existing pieces if you are determined to escape. But again, I feel it is not really worth it, and you be disenchanted if you do. Either way, good luck.

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I really apreciate your help. There is a huge construction above the crock. I supose i cannot do anything. I will keep playing trying to improve my base and my weapons. Thank you all.

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There is a huge russian base above the boss. What can i do? Thank ypu for youe help.

You’re on a PVP server, aren’t you ? That means you can destroy other people building. But you can ask the base owner to move it so the croc spawn point is restored.

Hey no problem Roykmc. If there is indeed a huge Russian base built above, I would wager that is what is doing it. As a PvPer, there are three possible courses of action.

  1. Go to War You and your clan (if you have one) summon a god when you can again, and utterly destroy their base.

  2. Use Diplomacy As Wolfrider said, you could explain the situation and ask them to move it. Although if it is that big they may be unwilling to do so.

  3. Alert the proper Authorities Report it to Funcom. As far as I know, about the only things which will warrant further action on PvP is blocking the noob spawning area, and blocking access to keystone artifacts. While they havent blocked it per se, they have build somewhere which has made accessing it impossible. Its a fine line.

Either way, good luck with it buddy.

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