Ps4 trophy bug ( the very hard trophy + iron mutant)


Ive just finished the game on very hard + iron mutant and none of the 3 trophy i should get
Pfft too easy
Still to easy
And QA have suffered didnt put up
Is there a way to get them and if not is there a fix coming soon for this otherwise awesome game?


Hey Pookamon!

Thank you for your report. Did you use Mind Control on any enemies during your playthrough?


No i used selma bormin and dux all the way to the end


I got a manual save right before the final boss. Never used mind control and nobody died to at any rate i should have had at least the trophy to have finished to game on iron mutant
But none of the 3 trophy popped up (iron mutant - iron mutant no dying- very hard completed)
Should i try refighting the final boss over and over until it pop?


Thank you for the additional information. I will report this to the dev team. Try fighting the final boss again and see what happens.

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