Iron Shadows in the Moon

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug]
Region: [PS4 any sever]

the trophy Iron Shadows in the Moon is bugged if you end the game you leave the map and get killed or you don’t get the trophy i lost in singleplayer everything (Thats not realy a deal) but in multiplayer i also lost everything but still don’t get the trophy pls fix i’d or block the end so no more peple lose thair stuff

And After “ending” the game in a clan and you rejoin after complete the milestone build your home old stuff near beds still disappear and if you enter a loading screen the end cutseen plays again and you lose again everything pls help

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

What does the trophy ‘iron shadows in the moon’ have to do with ending the game? If you want that trophy simply climb the volcano or built a massive structure about 100 foundations high.

If you take your bracelet off it warns you that you will leave the Exiled lands. If you want to keep playing in the exiled lands with your character then simply don’t take off the bracelet.

Is the bug that every time you enter a loading screen on your new character the end cutscene plays of you leaving the exiled lands?

Never mind someone trolled me -.-

Pls close