QA have suffered trophy bug?

I get to eden on very hard ironman whitout losing anyone and didn’t get trophy. I read somewhere if you kill ghoul while controling it you can’t get trophy, is that a bug or is it normal? I don’t think it should count since it’s not character in my party.

Did you play with the update that came out just this morning?

What platform are you on (pc, ps4, xbox)?

I’m on PS4,game is updated to latest patch.

Same here, i didn’t it neither

Same here just finished and no trophy unlock. Weapon Smith trophy is also bugged, kinda soured my experience which is a shame.

Thank you for pointing this out to us. I will forward this to the dev team :slight_smile:

Thought was only me, i play in X1 and the Achievement didnt popped up when i reached Eden in Very Hard + Iron Mutant with my entire Party alive and well, I finished the game on December, 13th

Same here on PlayStation 4. But fortunately I have the save data backup on my USB Disk before the final battle. It is an amazing game and hope this problem can be solved ASAP. Besides, looking forward to the DLCs (if any). :smile:

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This bug hit me last weekend too (on Xbox One), according to some googling the cause was use of mind control and having someone under mind control die before it wore off.

Any chance when this is fixed it can be done in a way where the game can retrospectively award the achievement if all party members are alive and in eden, or some such. I can’t go back and beat plutonia again which IIRC is when all the other “beat the game” achievements popped, but I still have my endgame savefile. Lost count how many times I had to start from the beginning doing iron mutant/very hard and although very satisfying to beat it eventually I don’t think i can do it again :slight_smile:

It’d be great to know whether I’ll one day be able to just load that up that autosave and get the last two achievements unlocks even if there’s no ETA on that at this time. I doubt I would have tried iron mutant + very hard without the nudge in that direction from the achievement list, and it turned out to be a proper challenge, with a few close calls, so it’d be nice to complete the set.

Hey dude, the iron mutant very hard mode is not that difficult if you use the save data backup function of your console reasonably. For example, if you think the coming battle is dangerous and may get your hero killed, just move to any area to make the game save automatically, then stop the game and backup your save data to your USB Disk, then restart your battle, if your hero has fallen or got greatly injured, just recover the backup from your USB Disk and try again. Besides, the usage of silent weapon can make the battle much easier. :smiley:

At that point, why bother? You may get the trophy, but you didn’t actually do the work.

I’m with Jeb on this one, and even then you can stealth or skip almost every fight in the game bar one or two, and even then the only time you are ever definitely going to take damage from my experience is the final fight and the fight in Hammon’s Cabin.

Finding a way to beat the game without save scumming on a mode literally made to avoid that will make you feel like a god, you can do it!

Yeah, you are right, so I have restarted a new game.

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Aye, there would have been no satisfaction playing iron mutant if going to save scum it - I’d have just played without iron mutant enabled if I wasn’t willing to put up with a few resets. I did have to lookup how long the campaign was in some reviews before starting iron mutant though … I wasn’t going to sign up for a 50 hour iron mutant campaign :slight_smile:

Getting things back on topic, It’d be nice to know whether the plan is to address in a way that will allow the achievement to retrospectively unlock for anyone with an autosave @ Eden with a full party, rather than requiring a new game to be started from the beginning again.

Just ran into this same bug. I used Mind Control only 3 times. All three times the enemy was killed AFTER the control wore off. And I still didn’t have the achievement pop on Xbox.

I still have a save at the final fight, so here’s hoping their patch for this is retroactive. I’d rather not have to play the whole game again.

Does the check for the achievement just not look to see if all your characters are alive if you ever enter Eden? Why would it be anymore complicated than that?

The weaponsmith trophy is over multiple games. I had that problem but I did get it after my 3rd run through.