Bug / Crash Report (PS4) Iron Mutant Sealed Gate Crash - Can't Enter Eden

I experienced a very frustrating crash / bug today that really dulled my opinion of an otherwise great game. I have already beat the game on hard and obtained all the PS4 trophies except for (1) “Pfft! Too easy!” (2) “QA have suffered!” and (3) the platinum trophy. I started my very hard iron mutant game to obtain these trophies.

I completed the game without losing a team member, but the game crashed following the fight with Plutonia and her squad in The Sealed Gate. As soon as the fight ended the game crashed without the cut scene playing. Upon reloading the only saved file (since it is on iron mutant mode) I got a notification that the save data was corrupted. The game file did load, but now I am unable to enter Eden despite all enemies on the map being dead. I have listed a YouTube video showing the problem below. I am quite frustrated to spend so much time carefully working my way through the hardest mode and not obtaining my final trophies due to a game crash. Can a patch be made to fix this problem please? Thanks!


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Hey @logicmeme

The devs are aware of this issue and they’re looking into it. We apologize for the frustrating situation.

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Thank you!

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Any update on a patch to fix this? Thanks.

Hey Logicmeme,

Unfortunately I don’t have an update for you regarding a patch.

I wanted to update this post. With the most recent update this bug was fixed. I was able to load my game and enter Eden without issue, and all of the appropriate trophies popped up. Thank you!

Still not fixed on Xbox one.