PS4 Pro - game version 1.04, falling forever in a loop on The Rot Warren

I ran into a bug which ruins the game experience if there is no save state before entering The Rot Warren.
The PS4 Pro game is at version 1.04

I only entered The Rot Warren, to activate the level, then I continue onward in the game but avoiding going into the cavern / cave in The Rot Warren level.

At some point when my characters are boosted up, I went back to The Rot Warren via the Zone map.
I receive a dark screen and the characters are falling forever in a loop. You can not move or recover. You can hear the characters talk by splitting up the unit or grouping them again. You can not go into the mutation or Inventory menu. Again you just see the characters falling down a dark hole.

If you do not have a save state before entering the level, you will need to start the game over. At least I found no solution.

I have reproduced the bug twice. It does not seem to matter which characters you have.
The second time I reproduced this problem I had Dux, Selma, Farrow, Bormin and Magnus in my squad.

I hope there is a patch that will address this issue.

Thank you so much for the details and taking the time to explain what happened. I really am sorry that you experienced this issue. :frowning:
I’ve forwarded it to the appropriate devs to see if they’re aware of this already or not and if we can get this addressed as soon as possible in a patch. Sorry for the trouble!

I have the same issue now on my 4th restart of a very hard iron man game once because I messed up with my artifact upgrades and got character upgrades that turned out working against me. Second and third because of a stuck in combat glitch that made it so I couldn’t even leave a zone and now I have a continuous falling glitch in the Rot Warren and can’t do anything about it because of Iron Man Mode saved me in the zone with the falling so I’m not sure I’m going to start a 5th run…

Its a bit bugged down there. Mainly up the stairs where the hunter patrols. I put Bormin in cover against the wall up there and after reloading the save game he would fall through the floor in an endless loop. Also when using Puppeteer on the Pyro I couldn’t throw his Molotov. It would put the AoE zone under the map so I couldn’t find a target. Worst of all there’s nothing of value down there. Stupid cook lol