Falling Forever

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Crash | Bug |
Region: [CA, America Officlal Server 3831]

I am honestly shocked that the game is still this buggy. I could rant about that for a while. But honestly all I want is for my clan mate to not be falling for all eternity. It started when he thought he was on the base, but on my screen he was wandering in a field. Eventually he got stuck. And then the falling started. I thought for sure it would reset, but when it did he just kept falling. Tried restarting, nothing. I don’t know what to do here. That’s a level 53 character.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play game
  2. Do anything
  3. Be Frustrated
  4. Try to contact Funcom.
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Can you answer a few questions. It sounds like this is just one experience. Has it happened multiple times? If so are there times where it functions properly? If not have you logged back in after a server restart? Also what is the internet speed he’s playing on? I have found when my speed dips I get the falling forever animation when a base doesn’t load properly. I can usually fix it by leaving the area and returning. That is if my internet speed picks back up.

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I will let you know after I try and log in again tonight. It lasted all night long, the one thing I think we could have tried but didn’t think of at the time was removing the bracelet. Which would have sucked to lose all the gear, but may have worked.

Internet is solid, 100mb/s, haven’t had any issues with other games. Also, haven’t ever had this issue before after having logged a few hundred hours.

In the same night though, animals became invincible and didn’t react to being attacked. Seemed like the server needed a restart or something.

Make sure you have the latest drivers installed - btw, I think he’s just walked into the base which wouldn’t render and then started ‘glitching’, though he’s probbably fine and the worst which could happen is he’s in a foundation (if not under the map)

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Should have mentioned this is for ps4, so we don’t have any control over that. What you are saying very well could be true in regard to the geometry of the base, but I’m not sure how to reset him. He is just infinitely falling, watching the world disappear into the sky over and over.

This is a bit of a drastic solution, but have you tried to see if removing the bracelet resets them? Granted, this might result in permanently lost items.

I actually thought of that after the fact as well. If he is still falling when we log in after work and haven’t heard from devs, we will try that out. I’ll let you know if it works out.

Removing braclet simply kills your character you won’t lose anything you can place all items in a chest run back and pick them up.

Is he falling everywhere or just on foundations and stairs and such? If it’s everywhere I would recommend reinstalling the game. Again he shouldn’t lose anything his save will still be intact.

So, looks like it has been resolved. Not sure if we just needed to wait it out or the server was restarted, but now the only problem we are having is the occasional blue screen of death.

Thanks for the input everyone, I will post again if anything comes up.

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Ahhh, the Blue Screen. You haven’t truly played Conan unless you’ve had a Blue Screen.

Glad to hear no one like falling forever.

Hello blue screen my old friend…I have to deal with you again…

Hey there,

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.
Our team is aware of this issue and is up in our Trello board for our community to vote on it as a priority.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

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Hey Ignasis,

Just to clarify, the issue isn’t going into a jumping animation when walking over foundations, but falling through the nav mesh in the level, resetting again higher up after about 10 minutes, but still beneath the ground. Not sure how it was resolved, just came back the next day.

But hey! While I got your attention! I have been having an insane amount of blue screens. It seems to happen when I open my inventory and scroll over to the crafting side.


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Hey @Andy-Berto

Regarding the crashes, please remember to send the crash report through the PS4 dashboard so our team can take a look at it.

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