Falling through world to death


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Region: [USA]

Private gportal server. @Ignatius any suggestions.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Run around base
2.Fall through floor
4.Retrun message Died from falling through world. Happened in multiple spots in base and once outside. To both my wife and my characters. We are located on the flat spot above newbie river crocodile boss
West of Sinners refuge. If it matters we have built around the tree. Pve-c. It is my server so no one is messing with things and we are not using admin. Happened 6-7 times yesterday. I did see old posts with no information other than it happened

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Do we have to wait until next year to things fixed or a response?

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I’ve posted about 4 times in the past month and have had zero reply from funcom. Not being very active in the forums in not a good way to make people confident that a game is still being supported enough to want to pay for new things, let’s say like a new map… @Ignasis cmon man reply times have been horrible lately. Are you guys still working these forums or what???

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Thank you for replying to this my wife has had this happen again today. It is like if the problem is not on sipthai or what ever it not important. The sad thing about it is we might buy the Dlc for the building aspect and never open our server to the new map. And that is not good.

Hi @sestus2009, we apologize for the delay in our response.

Does the issue happen consistentely over a specific block type, such as ceiling, stairs, roof, or foundation?

Could you provide a few screenshots of the areas where it has happened, and a few where we can see the scope of the base and area around it, or estimate the amount of building blocks, placeables and light sources used?

Does the issue also manifest if you run around within a small base on an area of the map with few building pieces being loaded?

Lastly, would it be possible to provide a video recording of this issue occurring, as it seems to be happening frequently on your end and might be hard to reproduce on ours?

Yes I will do what I can. Avoided my own server most of the weekend. Have to experiment with the video part.

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