Fishies fix patch and his bugs

  • Fishies dont give stamina, or the hardy buff.

  • Total amount of health is lower than it should. I have 25 health less.
    When i eat a Eel the health that is missing is 9, or better 109 because the Eel should give 100.

  • Stamina Potion “Elixir of Freedom” gives the stam buff only for a few minutes like it seams.

Before the patch you could avoid to eat fishies to reduce your health, now the health is permanently lower like it seams.


Just saw, Eel dont gives now hardy buff and stamina, but instead it gives vitality and grit. Both stats are wrong calculated. I have now less health and less stamina.

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  • can confirm regarding the buff change
    Cooked Moray Eel- gives grit+vitality
    Cooked Dogfish - gives charisma+vitality
  • can’t confirm that you get less health except for the fact that you no longer get the hardy buff but +3 vitality which seems intended
  • can’t confirm the elixir of freedom - how long did it take for the buff to disappear

Hey @zeeph

Informing our fishermen to be a little more careful with their recipes.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Its not only about the fish buff, but also about the health and stam from other sources for strengh and dex.
After a few minutes the values are lower then they should.

When i started to write this post i had 3 less health and 1 less stamina than i should have with the stats given from the buffs (alcohol + grit potion). I just tabbed to the game and the values seams now correct. oO

Didnt tested the stamina potion now, because i have no more time atm.
Somethings not yet completly right, i guess you awesome guys will figure it out. :smiley:

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