Hardy buff from Fishes bugged

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region : EU

When eating a fish that provides the hardy buff you first get +100 health, but after a moment it returns to the old value while buffed.
Then after 1h when the buff runs out you get permanent -100 health.
Relogging didnt helped to get back the unbuffed health value. :frowning:

Iam not sure, but prolly the bug appears when using another buff item, or nightsight potion.
Hope it get fixed soon.

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Can confirm on ps4 there is suspicious function with hardy not giving +100 health even though stats shows buff is active. Relogging does not correct and inadvertently removes the visual buff icons from the left of the Ui

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Hey @zeeph & @scdustin (welcome to our community by the way :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the heads-up, poking our team about it.

I have been messing around with this bug. It appears generic food like roasted haunch gives an unregistered +30 ish to health for about 5 minutes every time you eat it. The Hardy buff from the dogfish or eel gives +100 health but the health increase expires at the same point the generic food buff would. So after 5 ish minutes you lose the 100 health but retain the hardy buff timer. Once expired the buff disappears and you lose an additional 100 health. Killing yourself will fix it until you get the buff again


Thanks for sharing that extra info with us @scdustin :slight_smile: . It’ll come in handy for our team.

This is also the case with the stamina buff from the new fish. I’ve had the buff wear off right after I had used a potion to reset stat points and ended up with something like negative 20 stamina. The bar would not refill in this state until after I put some points into grit and/or relogged.

Sadly its the same also with the potion “Elixir of Freedom”, which should give +20 stamina. :frowning:

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