Fishing in Conan exiles

Does anyone else think more fishing equipment should be added like fishing poles or something like that?


Could be fun. More recreational activities might make for interesting experiences in general actually. Especially when hanging out with clanmates and/or friends on your server. Maybe even mini games like dominoes, dice, or more action oriented stuff.


I wholeheartedly agree that there should be more social aspects to Conan Exiles, and playing games is one of them I would like to see implemented.


Yes. Although the sight of someone sitting at the side of a river/lake/pond with a fishing pole in hand may be too tempting to the wandering creatures or NPCs or other players to do some greivous bodily harm or the like. Would be a nice pastoral add to the game though :slight_smile:


I got a number of docks in my bases since I like building by water. If I could just set up shop on one of those, it would be nice and safe. Obviously a pve element though.

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Yes a resounding YES

Fishing originally was barely tolerable IMO.
After the changes?
I didn’t even bother with it,
it required too much time that could be spent doing other things that got better results.

Note: I don’t care about “achievements” or “journal steps”
And the “buffs” were not worth it IMO.

So anything to make fishing enjoyable would be okay in my book. :slight_smile:


Years now i dream the day that i will do spear fishing with my riptide in the sunken city the special fishes.
Let it come, i love to do “meaningless” things in game, it’s role play and it gives me reason if you are getting me!


I’ve been asking for Fishing Mini Game since release…

Kinda like Zelda 64, or red dead Online, (minus bait on hook animantion…) So dragged out.

Long as its isnt like “press x” when bait jiggles… so boring.


Hmmm…my first rxn is gawd no. Conan walking by going “Mornin. Nice day for fishing. he-uk”

But after letting that emotional response go by, why not? As long as it’s not like other games where this fish magically pops off a legendary weapon or anything.


I can do real vr fishing on meta: Real VR Fishing on Oculus Quest | Oculus

No way would FC assimilate that kind of game into Conan.

I mean it’s how you want to spend your time. This or that.

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With the new Version or latest of Skyrim they have fishing it makes for a fun side mission.

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Sim isso já deveria ter dentro do conan como um emote mostrando uma vara de pescar na mão do nosso personagem em pé e sentado ficaria ótimo @Funcom_Community … Mas fazer a pesca pessoalmente não concordo por que tudo dentro do conan envolve tempo para fazer e para PVP seria complicado.



2 things my fellow exile!
1, pvp is a mode of this game, not the whole game and we shouldn’t stop dreaming for just one mode of it. It’s not logical and fair :grin:.
2. In almost every post you create, you use the Funcom community tag. Why? It’s not correct to do so, it may lead to silence and ban from the forum if you abuse this tag.
You are a good member and i don’t wish your ban.
Keep dreaming with us and let them do the adjustments :wink:.
Good or bad we do our thing and they do theirs!
Keep posting m8 :+1:t6:

Você é ADM do grupo agora? pois não vejo isso em sua conta aqui :thinking:

Não perguntei e o assunto é para falar sobre pescaria você está levando para o lado pessoal isso não ajuda em nada a comunidade.

Se não vai ajudar a comunidade então não atrapalha :+1:

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No. Just sharing experience, but no problem, see you around :+1:t6:

Fishing dock work station. Stool, bait bucket, fish stringer, pole.
Either the player can set on the stool and assume a fishing pose with pole; casting/reeling in animation.
Or a cook can be placed at the station to fish.
What fish are caught is based on the bait you provide. Insects, fat grubs, and feral flesh.
How fast thrall fishing works is base on level.
Fish caught are added to fish stringer.
Key is the stringer must be in water for the station to function. So must be placed on the edge of a building piece in water.

Would almost pay for fishing pond building set.


Sim mas do jeito que a Funcom está fazendo itens no bazar, serve de ideia porém eu concordo se for criado tudo e todo o conjunto. :+1:

Não para itens separados

Bring on the Age of Fishing:

  • Cane pole mid-water bank fishing (cast and wait)
  • Cane pole mid-water boat fishing (cast and wait)
  • Cane pole surface bank fly fishing (cast and reel fairly quickly)
  • Ice fishing (up in the frozen lakes)
  • Bank Net fishing
  • Boat Net fishing (dragging nets behind the boat)
  • Bank Spear fishing
  • Boat Harpoon fishing
  • Bow fishing
  • Hand fishing (scoop them out and onto the bank)
  • Noodling
  • Boat Droplining (like pulling a line behind a boat)
  • Bank Droplining (like setting a string of hooks across a river or stream for fish like trout)
  • Small trap fishing (like what we have in the game)
  • Large trap fishing (build a water cannel for fish to swim into but get stuck inside)

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