Fishing - unusual results - Too many?

Dedicated server, both in Testlive and Live.

I have 50 traps. I used to loot my traps daily and had fairly repeatable results of 1000-1500 fish each day. No seeds, just placed empty traps in very shallow water. Then I watched my cousin (my one other player on my server) loot 5000 fish from her traps after 3-4 days of not touching them. She only had 15-20 traps.

To test the effect of leaving them alone longer, I waited 2 days and looted 8000, rather than my normal 1500 a day. Then I tried waiting 3 days and looted 34000. If I go a whole week, I might expect over 100000 fish? We shall see soon!

Anyone else experiencing a similar behavior? Is the increase intended to work this way?

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