Fishing observation: Am I right?

So I’ve placed a few fish farms over the last couple months and am noticinng inconsistencies on how many fish I trap. Some produce like crazy and others get a measly 1-5 fish in a day. So I started looking underwater… never really paid much attention to all the pretty fish before, but there are some really big schools of fish swimming around. It appears as though my traps that are in the path of a school are pulling in considerably more fish. If this is so, then I’m impressed with Funcom’s dedication to realism. Most games just generate ghost fish that are for visual appeal and nothing more.

Anyone else make this same conclusion?

I am playing testlive code, so not sure if it is the same in general code or not. I would expect so, since I saw nothing in the testlive patch notes about trapping the schools.

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It’s random and nothing to do with schools of fishes.
I speculate there is a random variable on how often a fish is added … and also what type of fish it tries to give you.

Maybe even the feature of the game being on “pause” when players are away from the area and that it does a series of script-catchups when a player comes into render range might play a factor.

Eg if you are close to your traps but don’t look into their inventory until the “catch-up script” has finished then it has more fish.

It might also be that when it comes time to add fish that it picks randomly between the types and if the spaces are full with the other type it doesn’t add to it.

I don’t have massive fish farms like others but I know all of them can go through stages of being full several times in a row when I check them and then go though stages of being scarcely filled. Same with my beehives.

It doesn’t have to do with schools of fish. Reason I know? Because my LBPR mod has a bug I haven’t had a chance to fix it yet that let’s you build traps literally anywhere (have a 100 story tower with not a drop of water in site? Yup, can build up there too). So…ya…:stuck_out_tongue::joy:


fish traps work best when you let them fill now

Well, not what I thought then.

Multi… flying fish!

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I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky…

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…I think about it every night and day…

Spread my wings and fly away…

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I can see who the redditors are :wink:

It’s because of me. I want fish too, so I’m using your traps. If you see your traps empty it is because I found them full :smiley: And the ones stuffed with tiger cubs also are my work. I DROWNED THE KITTENS

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