Fix porked thralls

When will Xbox get a patch for porked thralls, also warmaker key spam shutting down the server. It’s been like this for a year???

It’s not even fixed on pc (porked thralls) so dont expect patch soon.

I played on pc seemed like it didn’t stack though…could be wrong

It is supposed to be fixed on PC. If this is not the case and you know how to do it, I would suggest reaching out privately to Funcom and submitting a detailed report of how to reproduce it.

It was reported multiple times already and no it’s not fixed.

Show me source where it says it was fixed?

Last time i remember it was mentioned on this thread by Ignasis that there’s no ETA yet.

Are you playing the game actively and have you actually tried to stack the buff or you assume it was not fixed because you haven’t seen it stated as fixed? Funcom changed how buff stacking works back in November, for example now you can no longer stack 10% buff and 25% buff. If the 25% buff is active, your thrall basically doesn’t heal because pork has the lowest amount of regen and you cannot apply another type of food until the buff runs out. So again, if you know how to exploit the new thrall damage buff system, please do share with Funcom.

I have no idea, i have been playing around 4 weeks ago and someone’s thrall one-shotted my 20 lv treasure seeker.

Well, they don’t need to use any bugs to one shot you, just a high str thrall with high damage weapon but since you asked for source:

What? You can’t one shot 10k hp thrall with anything available in game.

Sorry, misread your msg, I read it as if you got one shot. Next time it happens, record it and report it. If people report the exploits to Funcom, they will eventually get fixed.

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