[FIXED]: Can't log into server when I have the password activated

Hey there - First time reader, first time caller here.

So, I’ve rented a server through spillvert.no, and everything seems to work fine and dandy, until I activate the password-protection. No matter what the password is, I can’t connect to my own server when I have it activated, and I’m presented with this error message (Can’t upload pictures):


Could not connect to server. Server password not valid."

I’ve tried troubleshooting it by testing suggestions from Reddit and Steam, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

PS: I’ve never actually hosted a dedicated server before, so treat me gentle. D:

Seems you either can’t use special symbols (question mark, exclamation point etc), or that the keyboard is american when typing in passwords, because removing the “?” from my password fixed the problem.

Sorry for the trouble or if I posted this in the wrong subforum. D: