Fixer Grid bug -Need Help-

For some reason I cannot use anymore the Fixer Grid :frowning: My data receptacle seem to be bugged. Everytime I try to cast the nano to get into fixer grid, I do get the “Quiescent Grid Waveform Template” but it says “You already have this unique item: Data Receptacle”.
I tried everything to remedy to the problem… Check if the item wasn’t anywhere in my inventory (instead of having disappearing by itself like normally when not used). Checked all my bags… None.
I tried to get an Empty Data Receptacle Container to use my Template on it… It works till I try to use it and then I get the same “You already have this unique item: Data Receptacle”.
I of course tried to zone, relog etc… Still nothing…
I just do not have anymore access to the fixer grid and it’s kind of ruining my experience of the game. Can anyone help me? Any solution? Any admin who could help?

Thx in advance.

I had the same thing happen. Went to enter Fixer Grid. Crashed. Now I get this error:
You already have this unique item: Data Receptacle

Did a petition yesterday 4/6/2019, but have no idea how long that takes now a days.

Unfortunately, the only post I found was a 2016 post:
“There is no way to fix it yourself, the info about you having the unique item is stored on the server, and a GM has to fix it. But it’s easy for a GM to fix though, so no big hassle (besides having to wait)”

Do GM’s even work on weekends anymore?

Same thing has happened to me and two other fixers in my org.

The general server instability on RK2019 seems to make this very common. Lets hope the GMs don’t take too long to get back to everyone.

Myself and another fixer in Org has the same issue, petitioned 10 hours ago…

Alright guys, thx for sharing. I guess Im just gona have to live without the fixer grid for a while :frowning:

Just an update. Today 4/8/2019. I logged in and noticed that I could cast successful again.
Today, I also created an Email Support ticket.

Not sure which one fixed it (petition or email support).

Thanks Funcom!