Crash when entering the grid

Hi, one character got beacon warped at the same time i was enetering the grid and now my client lock’s up soon as i try entering the grid. This only apply’s for that character. happens on both new and old client. seem to remain in team after closing the stuck client. can log on again and still be “in team”. cant join a team again befor i relogg and they have to kick the “old me”
so far the only answer I have is this:

“i’ve seen this before when someone tried zoning when a server crashed, they asked andyB and he said the server thinks your character is ghosting on it, so when you try enter that same server you character just LDs”

Anyone know how to fix this issue?

Now I Ld using last Energy Vortex in Ipande. tryed 6 times now with relogg each time

i am constantly told i have a ghost in the grid and need’s to be fixed by a GM

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