Need Char ID Resett. Cant zone into some areas

I cant zone in some areas. The game doesnt crash but I am stuck. It seems that my ID is in a differnt zone. Also warping with engies doesnt work as intented. I am unable to delete an old petition. It started on the last AI event. I got warped to Old Athen. I then popped up in the grid and recived all the rewards. I got then shiftet into different positions in the grid. in the end i got attacked while i only saw the grid.

I kept playing and noticed that only the grid omni ent the bs and the jobe harbor doesnt work. only on this char on all other chars i had no issues.

Now i got help by an org member for a daily mission. He beamed me to belial forest. It didnt work. He zoned out of there beamed me again. That one worked and i landed in southern artillery valley. After he finished the last daily for me he beamed me back to the angency in rome and then it became wierd. I landed into the old warp position that didnt work in belial forst + i lost hp + i lost my buffs
When i could out via wompa i and got back to the agency to get my mission reward, it seems that my token have and lvl have been resettet to the day i got the first issue means: I have been min lvl 153 before and i got back to lvl 152. on the day it started i have been on lvl 151 and it seems that the reward was added to that day. Also i lost token. I have no a tokenboard that i cant requipp. I also lost 3-4 ai lvl i think im unsure i didnt note down the progress

i really need help. else i need to reroll this buggy char