Lost sever contact when zoning, now can't log in

5 hours ago I got the lost contact with server message when zoning.
Now I can’t log in - I just get the ‘login into server authentication screen’ and it just times out.
Sometimes I get as far as my list of characters, but when attempting to log in any of them I get that authentication loggin time bar.
What do I do?

Not sure if you can, but you could try “repair broken data” or “verify files” I think you can get to it from the patcher loading screen.

It is under options on the loading screen ie patcher.

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Thanks I did try that as a last resort.
The problem is not logging into the game, it comes to zoning where a new zone is loaded. Where I occaisionally got a server discontect do want to try another server message, as of yesterday I get a long wait as it tries to connect to the authentication server, and it takes several attempts, So zoning now takes 15-20 minutes.
If I cancel and try another alt, I have to go through the whole process again just to get my list of alts.

Been playing 11 years and had a few broken quests, this is my first game breaking issue.
I am using no custom interfaces or anything. I think the problem is at the server end, but I know I won’t get any help from Funcom.

I know it’s frustrating…I still don’t know if it’s the isp or server or what…I was starting to believe it was the internet provider but I had same issue at work with a diff isp. So Idk if it’s isp. When I have this issue I need to rest the internet connection. Disable the internet 3-4 times then it works.

Logged in this morning and everything is back to normal :slight_smile:
So far so good.
I am beginning to suspect a combination of factors, ISP - maintenance or problems, low staff numbers everywhere because of holidays, more traffic than normal in general because of New Year celebrations etc.

Thanks for you suggestions and trying to help anyway people - much appreciated.