Anyone having trouble logging in right now?

We are just now trying to form a raid - half the raid is not able to log in. If they can, they get kicked with 4.800 latency after a few seconds.
Anyone having the same issues?
Now 3 of 24 have those issues.
And we cancelled.

ye people unable to log in for raids/groups even, sad

It’s a routing issue (not Funcom’s fault whatsoever), works fine for me even though they cut some fibers here last night (France) - but other people with different internet providers are impacted so apparently it is fairly widespread. A VPN can work though some may be impacted too.

Many people reporting trouble zoning and logging in…game needs a restart I think

Had bad latency some hours ago.

Same for me yesterday. Was around 200ms in wild lands

I have a serious problem, or the servers are down for maintenance. I was about to go into a dungeon, solo. And it bugged out, shut down. after that i tried to log back in. but it says feiled to connect to character server. maintenance or contact support. support takes 2 weeks at least… I restarted computer after a day, and i could go back in so though maintenance. But it is still happening and i cannot log inn. failed to connect to character server. But the other character i have is also unplayable… the same happends. I believe i am on crom. Anyone know a fix?

Maybe you have this problem here: Server Login Problem - #3 by Bill13.

Create another account first and see if you can login with this.