Anyone having problems logging in right now?

More and more people of our tonights raid are reporting they can not log in, from characterscreen into character is just an endless loading screen. Germany here, no known internet issues atm.
Anyon else experiencing the same?

Update: Seems like every member of our raid has problems, from not beeing able to log in to extensive lags, too long loading screens. Shop and daily thingys window are lagging, too.
Cancelling the raid.
No one else having problems?

Seems to be fine on fury

Hatte vor 4 bis 5 Stunden das gleiche Problem. Ein Speedtest auf der Vodafone-Seite zeigte nur 25% der üblichen Geschwindigkeit (Internet per Kabel). Inzwischen scheint es wieder einigermaßen zu laufen.

not just logging in, I can’t even make an account