Lags and endless loading screens

For the past 14 days lots of people in guild and raid report way more, continious and and longer lags than usuall. Also people have problems to log in and zone and get stuck inloadingsscreens, having to restart the game over and over again. I am not a tec nerd - but was told from more knowledgeable people that this is def. from the servers side.
The server start last thursday did not help.
Beside beeing just annoying it starts to seriously hurt raids.
Can something be done about that?
Do others experience the same?

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IIRC you play with mostly German players, so I am guessing a lot of you share the same internet provider.

I am not playing that much now but I’m seeing no issues with the servers (well, no more than the usual, since AoC servers were never perfect :stuck_out_tongue: ), I am in EU too but different country, different provider. We both go through underwater cables… but there is a lot more steps to it, our data is travelling through many towns and cities and routers and whatnot. A lot of places where it can go wrong.

So I am very confident this is a peering* issue between your internet provider, and the one Funcom uses. Since the servers are in the USA, EU providers won’t always make it their top priority to give you the best connection to servers far away. Unless enough people complain or they are themselves AoC players and actually notice the issue.

That being said, your provider can fix it in literally 2 seconds by re-routing your data, but that’s assuming you manage to get a competent technician on the phone/chat. For that reason most people use a VPN because that’s exactly the same thing as using a different internet provider, it makes your data go through a totally different route so it will almost always fix the issue. And it’s usually easier than getting your provider to fix it (but costs money).

*peering = the business relationship between internet providers, that lets them send/receive data through each other’s network.


Yes, germany, and some other EU countries.
Thanks for taking your time to explain this. We assumed something like that, but as this is getting worse and started around 2 weeks ago we talked more about it.
We can not nail it down to certain internet providers, we use lots of different providers but have the same problems. We have a few people playing in the same household via the same connection and router, where one has serious issues while the other does not have any at all. It just seems unlikely to me that all of the sudden other games with servers all over the world and in the US too are working fine while AoC has those issues on the same system. For people who never had any issues at all.
But again, my knowledge in this field is very small. But it got to a point where many people (different providers, different areas and countries etc.) can not really play any more due to this, let alone raid.
In the past ~13 years I can only remember one time it was as bad like this - almost unplayable weeks in dez. and jan. I think 2013/14 (?), when FC even compensated players with gametime and ingame goodies.

Even if there is a reasonable explanation, like routing data or provider networks, I wanted to make other players (and FC^^) aware of this - maybe it is not only a local problem.

We loose players because of unsolved payment issues, waiting for support for months, and now because they simply can not play anymore.

I’m having that problem way more often than usual too. Usually, restarting the router helps, most likely because it changes the packages route, however it’s still strange.
It looks like the game gets stuck on the loading screen if there’s some delay in the communication to the server, which is obviously a bug, but I guess FC will not bother to fix it…

Yes infinite loading screen is a network issue from what I have seen. If you try to play on unstable internet, for example bad wifi or mobile network with poor reception, you will get this bug all the damn time.

I agree with Biglouis because i can make that bug happen on purpose too by messing with my connection.
I think the game is waiting for a packet that got lost but does not ask for that packet again, stuck waiting.

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